About Me

I’m Anny Gomes, a freelancer / independent digital marketing specialist for startups and small businesses.


 I began my career in the technology industry eight years ago. Since then, I am passionate about marketing and technology.  

I’ve been freelancing since 2019 and helped a variety of businesses, establishing marketing departments, increasing web traffic, and social media presence. I love entrepreneurship, problem-solving, content marketing, and data.

On LinkedIn, you can find out more about my experience and history. Please, feel free to send me a connection request.

As a T marketer, I worked with companies from all industries:  innovation and technology, healthcare, gastronomy, beauty, e-commerce, education, advertising, marketing, and fashion.

As a content generalist, I write across all channels and mediums, from websites, mobile apps, Intranet, online campaigns and feature writing for B2C, B2B2C, B2B, and mobile markets. I translate your company needs into natural response-driven content. I also have SEO, ASO, and Apple Search Ads (ASA) experience.

Hi, I am Anny. Let's talk about your marketing needs.

Things I love

My husband Alex, wine, the Mediterranean sea, travel, Dutch apple pie, expressionist art.

Things I believe

Connection. Hard work. Respect.

Where I am from

Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv.

And why I am in Amsterdam

In 2019, my husband received a job offer here in Amsterdam. We were living in Tel Aviv and even though loving the warm waters of the Mediterranean, we decided to start a new adventure in the Netherlands and starting a new home in Amsterdam, a city that enchants me a little more every day.

Why work with me

I work with projects I believe

It might sound cheesy, but it’s the truth. I share my clients’ dreams and visualize how to help turn those dreams into reality.

I have a hands-on approach

One of the advantages of working in a startup environment is that I’ve learned how to plan but also how to implement, analyze, and adjust to achieve the best results for your company.

I get things done

I am goals oriented, and I work hard to reach the best results. This what makes marketing so exciting: materialize what’s on paper while learning how to improve through the ride.

I am down to earth

No unattainable strategies or crazy budgets for content. All my work fits your budget, resources, and time. We are together on this!

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