All Dreams Need Good Plans. Without Plans, They Continue to Be Dreams.

I’m Anny Gomes, a marketing consultant and content specialist for small businesses and startups.

I want to help you reach your business goals and escalate to the next level. You might wonder how it is like. And I can tell you it’s tiring but creative, innovative but repetitive, it’s flexible but many processes are established but most of all, rewarding.

When you see the positive impact of the marketing efforts and results coming, an amazing feeling of reward comes together. And I am thrilled to assist you with that.

I worked together with small businesses and in high tech companies for almost 8 years in Brazil, Israel and Netherlands.

Then last year, I started transitioning from employee to entrepreneur. And it’s been a fantastic ride, filled with the joys of having my first projects
Hi, I am Anny. Let's talk about your marketing needs.

Things I love

My husband Alex, wine, the Mediterranean sea, travel, Dutch apple pie, expressionist art.

Things I believe

Connection. Hard work. Respect.

Where I am from

Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv.

And why I am in Amsterdam

In 2019, my husband received a job offer here in Amsterdam. We were living in Tel Aviv and even though loving the warm waters of the Mediterranean, we decided to start a new adventure in the Netherlands and starting a new home in Amsterdam, a city that enchants me a little more every day.

Why work with me

I genuinely work with projects I believe

It might sound cheesy, but it’s the truth: I share my clients’ dreams and visualize how to put those dreams into practice.

I have a hands-on approach

One of the advantages of working in startups environment is that I’ve learned how to plan but also how to implement, analyze and adjust to achieve the best results for your company.

I get things done

I am goals oriented and I work hard to reach the best results. This what makes marketing so exciting: materialize what’s on paper while learning through the ride.

I am down to earth

No unattainable strategies or crazy budgets for content. All my work fits your budget, resources and time. We are together on this!

Let’s turn your dreams into goals and achieve them.