marketing Packages

I work on a custom marketing package basis as I believe that each client has unique needs.  

When a potential client writes me, I answer them with an email with more information about how we can work together and my portfolio. 

These are the different ways that we can work together:

Set Marketing Packages

You can choose from a selection of set marketing packages. This option gives you an idea of how much your investment will be per service.

If you are all set with your marketing strategy, this is the perfect option for you.

Set Marketing Packages start from the Copy Package of a 40 euros payment and extend to my ultimate Social Media Editorial Calendar Package at 370 euros/weekly. 

The Custom Plan

This package allows you to develop  

your own marketing plan. With it, you are able to set a budget even before the marketing planning kicks off. 

With this in mind, I can have an idea of what strategy will best serve your goals and budget.

This plan is perfect if you have a strict budget; you aren't sure how to split your budget between your marketing goals; you know what you want but you don't know how to start or how to plan your marketing activities.


One Time Marketing Services

With this package you can purchase a one time marketing and digital marketing service.

I offer comprehensive, straight-to-the-point and useful marketing plans; social media (Facebook, Instagram) strategy plans; copywriting and translation services.

This is your plan if: you'd like to understand my work before committing to a marketing package or a freelancing partnership; you have a background and an understand of online tactic.

Marketing Push Package

This package allows you to hire me as an outsourced marketing freelancer for your business. This can be anything from 1 hour a week, to 1 hour a month. 

I'll present you with a time-frame (weekly, monthly) for my freelancing work and it will define the investment. 

Now, it's up to you!

Are you interested in any of the packages? Let's have a call or, if you are in Amsterdam, a coffee, and discuss your marketing needs. You can get in touch here.

I want my Marketing package now

Payment Info

I accept payment for plans 50% upfront prior the starting them. For clients with monthly or weekly plans, the payments are done monthly/weekly. I provide invoices via email and payments are done via bank transfer or PayPal.

And More



 Connect with your community and turn them into new costumers. Raise your conversion numbers through your website copy, brand communications, native advertising articles,  and editorial calendars.  



I believe that translations need to be contextualized and aligned with your goals. I work with English/US to Portuguese (BR) and Portuguese (BR) to English/US translations.